Welcome to Zirnhelt Timber Frames

Community-based environmental, social and economic values drive our commitment to sustainable building. This commitment is backed by professional designers, engineers and craftsmen who share our passion. Our buildings reflect these values and the lifestyles of our clients.

Zirnhelt Timber Frames designs, engineers, and builds sustainable hand-crafted timber frame homes, cottages, and commercial buildings.

 We build complete homes from foundations through to finished cabinetry or supply custom timber work and lock-up packages.

Our timber frames and pre-fabricated wall and roof systems create a “whole home” system and minimize on-site installation time.  We offer many wall systems to suit your climate, budget and building objectives.  We work with you and our team to find the perfect balance between energy efficiency, durability and use of natural and less processed products.

Zirnhelt Timber Frames hand crafts every building using traditional mortise and tenon joints and secured with hand-made oak dowels. Each building we create with our clients is unique and represents a long-lasting expression of the client’s vision and values. Thompson River Home

Why choose a hand-craft shop to build your home?

  • We select each log, mill every timber and cut each joint based on it’s ultimate location in your building.
  • Unique features are identified and placed where they can be enjoyed for generations.
  • Investment in skilled tradespeople sustains meaningful employment.
  • Our shop uses appropriate technology to minimize the carbon footprint of our buildings while remaining competitive with larger capital-intensive machine-cut operations.
  • The creative energy and unique skills of a dedicated team will be reflected in your new home.

Our timber frame structures also have elements of traditional Swiss and German style, including large roof overhangs, which is one of the best ways to make a sustainable building that lasts for centuries. In many cases, we also draw on elements of British and North American timber framing traditions. Given the feedback from our customers, we are confident in the strength, beauty, and sustainability of our building style. We don’t just build and set up frames or shells. Meeting our sustainable building goals requires integration of many building components into a whole-house system. We offer complete construction services and specialize in working closely with our customers throughout the design and construction processes. This provides an opportunity for you to learn about your home, contribute in a meaningful way and save money doing it. Going beyond frames to all other aspects of finishing from roofing and heating to stains, flooring and custom kitchens allows Zirnhelt Timber Frames to apply our knowledge of environmentally-friendly building products (e.g. insulation, lighting, doors & windows, paints and stains) and alternative energy systems (e.g. solar systems). Particularly when your site is more than a few hours from ours it may be more cost-effective to hire a local contractor who will likely put in the foundation before we arrive and carry on with the finishing when we leave. A bit of overlap with our crew and theirs gives us the opportunity to share ideas and pass on a few tricks to help with finishing your Zirnhelt Timber Frame. Thank you for your interest in our company. We hope you enjoy browsing our building plan portfolio and photo galleries and exploring our Sustainable Building Resource Centre. We look forward to hearing from you.